Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dawa nahi, Dua ki zaroorat hai!

Kya aap ke masoodon mein dard aur daanton mein peelapan hai?
Kya aap ki toothpaste mein nimboo aur namak hai???

Toh Aap ki Condition badi serious hai!  Aap ko Dawa ki nahi, Dua ki zaroorat hai!

Santoor wali "Mummy" whose motherhood is an incredible shock!
The Fair and lovely girls for whom job interviews rock!

The mall-going Dove-ly lady who uses Dove on half her face,
The detergent-scrubbing Ma whose whiter sarees and whitest chaddies are her saving grace.

The hunks with deos and the attention they gain,
That lazy husband who rubs balm for his poor working wife's pain.

The weird women acrobatics on TVS Bikes,
The muddy and yucky Acche Daag-wale tikes.

The Mountain Dew dares,
and the Cadbury Gems bears,

The toilet cleaner details aired during dinner,
The smug Bournvita brat who is always a winner.

The cheesy perfect man created by Raymond,
That greasy, smelly baby oil made of almond,

Those shady looking fund advisors eyeing for our money
Airtel's thumping, humping Honey-bunny,

Vodafone ke ajeeb se Zoo-zoo,
Kayamchurna bajae har savere Poo-poo

Rameshhhhhhhhhhh... Sureshhhhhhhhhh...Maheshhhh...!
Jaldi doctorji, masterji, vaidji, kisi ko bhi bulao! In sab ki haalat bahut kharaab hai! Waakei mein #Conditionserioushai
Ghar girvi rakho... gehne becho! 20 lakh bharo aur jald se jald inka ilaaj karvao! Warna is desh ki patloon 2 bilaand chhoti ho jaegi!

(P.S.- There was one *unbelievable* ad, where a guy wears the same pair of jeans through the week, and only on date night sprays deo *INTO* his pants!
And Nooooooo... I cannot recollect whether it was an ad for deos or denims...But I can pretty much imagine that guy's condition had to be serious... The unshot part of the ad probably involved him hopping on one foot, while grabbing his crotch and howling in pain!)

(P.P.S- This is an entry for a contest hosted by Indiblogger - details of which are here )


  1. Someone kill me. I am dying with laughter.

    1. Please don't die! I need you to PR my blog! :P ;) :D

  2. Tune toh sabki baja di. This is hilarious. :D

  3. huhuhahahaha.. i belong to this community .. ad film makers .. :(

    1. Heheheh... Feeling something, something...??? hello honey-bunny! :P
      (Sorry couldn't resist that one! :D)

  4. I don't know why but this dialogue inhe ab dawa ki nai dua ki zaroorat hai always well me laugh like hell.. Nice one dear :)

    1. Thanks! :D
      It is indeed one of those absolute gems that good ol' Bollywood has produced.


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