Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Of Decisions and Destinies...

If ever there was an insulting emotion invented by the human race, it was PITY...

Pity is a degradation of a human being's self-respect... of his/her sense of dignity. Pity makes one feel as if the purpose of life is lost. And that's SUCH A *PITY*...!!!!! How I despise the word "bechara/ bechari"...!

I have often wondered where does this loop of Destinies and Decisions begin. Do destinies influence decisions; or is it the other way round?

It seems to be a human tendency to blame destiny for one's condition. and destiny is equated with pity..." It's pity that couldn't happen"... Where's the fighting spirit? Did "IT" not happen because of destiny, or because of your decision (or the lack of it)? Did you decide to move heaven and earth to *make* IT happen?

I often believe that it is decisions... more than destinies. Strong focussed decisions! Decisions for which we have to take responsibility.

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream,” to quote Paul Coelho, in The Alchemist. While I don't believe in long moral sermons, a line or two somewhere usually hits hard... and hits the nail of the head and this is one such line...

Yes, destiny does play a role. Circumstances around you change. But change has always been an integral part of the universe. Birth and death are the only destiny dominated events.
Some people are born poor/ disabled/ in any other discomforting situation. But what do they do about it all their lives? Make excuses for living? Everything in life, is a direct consequence of decisions. Wrong decisions lead to wrong results, and are conveniently blamed on destiny. When we make a decision, we have to be fully aware of the flip side of it... of having to suffer as much having to rejoice. And the decision has to be made with an alert, prepared mind.

There are many philosophical theories on destiny. The West strongly believes that Indian philosphy is a destiny-oriented one. But they have always overlooked the "karma" part of it. Karma is conscious. It is a strange dichotomy. We are told that irrespecitve of what we do, fate will decide. But at the same time, we are told that it is important to *do*, and then leave it to fate. Well... if it was to be left to fate anyways, why don't we just lie around like vegetables? Scientifically,even vegetables have intelligence. They react, they respond, and fight to survive. The purpose of intelligence is to decide... to respond... to LIVE...!!!

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