Friday, December 19, 2014

Little lost things

You know when people dream of doing BIG things- spaceships, monuments, blockbuster movies, best selling books, they often forget about the little things.

The needles, nuts, bolts, hairclips and bands, ear-buds, crayons, erasers, keys, batteries... a billion little things.  They are ever available, disposable and a dime a dozen. Mostly, they are sold cheap, no one cares much for them. There are the expensive little ones too- diamonds and precious nuggets and saffron. But the fact remains that they are 'little'. And the humans obsess over 'big'. The bigger the diamond, the better! . The little ones are still 'belittled' - insulted in the lexicon too.

Eventually, these little things got very offended, and decided to conspire. They made human lives difficult sometimes. They chose to hide, vanish, disappear when the humans needed them the most. The humans had to fumble and fall, trip and crawl. The little things asserted their presence in the most annoying ways  And when the humans found them, there was this overwhelming sense of relief! Yet, they were cursed- "Damn those 'little details' of our big plans", said the humans.

And the lost letters and photographs... they were particularly vengeful.  They hid for heartbreak to happen and then they would turn up. They made humans cry and want to tear them into a million more little pieces, and yet hold them close.  They made the humans want to become small enough to drown in them.

One day, one very dark dreary day, the devil in the details surged. A certain type of little things that cost more than most little things and go by the name of 'bullets', decided to remind humans how important the little things were in their lives. They partnered with the little seeds of hatred and went on to kill over 130 little humans. The big humans wept over the little belongings of their little ones, little tears rolled down their eyes. And yet, they kept proclaiming what a *BIG* tragedy this was.

The bullets had had enough being ignored. They would return again. Until people noticed them and the little seeds of hatred. Little was going to make human existence very miserable indeed.


  1. I just admired the link. So true Mlvk

    1. Just trying to piece together the puzzle, Mohua. Just where are the things going so wrong?

  2. Big humans..or little coffins..The Hatred is bigger of them all.I am scared .....Dear Almighty! are you really watching??

  3. Yesterday, my daughter and her friend were playing but not together at our home. I asked her why are they not playing togther and she replied that we are not friends any more. After sometime they were hugging and playing and enjoying each other's company. I asked, I thought you were not friends any more. She replied that Mami, that was long time back. Now we are friends. If nations, people do what these children do, there will be no war, blood shed or innocent dying. I felt, God instilled in the solution needed. It is upto us to bring it to light.


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