Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Growing up

On our way to Lonavala in the car
Vi: I am bored
Me: Look out. Interesting scenery. Trees, hills, valleys
Vi: that's all fine. But blueberry cheesecake is more interesting.
Vi: I don't like my name. It has become very old.
Me: Okayyyyy. So what do you want your new name to be?
Vi: Daisy. Call me 'Daisy' from today.
Me (banging head on wall): Aaarghhh!!!

UPDATE (10th July '15): She has now decided to call me 'Rosie' because it rhymes with Daisy and proves that we are a 'team'. Lucky me! Given that she has started with Hindi in school, it will be Gulabo and Chameli next.
Me: Vi, pick up the crumbs and the plate. Put it in the sink. Take the napkin and wipe the table clean.
Vi: You always make me work all the time. Just like Cinderella!
Vi: It's raining! It's raining! Let's go dance on the terrace!!!
Me: It is past 11:00pm. Get back to bed.
Vi: Hmph! It's not fair! You *never ever* understand my feelings.
Me: :O
Me: Wear the Minnie T shirt or Minnie will feel sad.
Vi: If you hit the T-shirt, will it cry? If you tickle it, will it laugh?
I am puzzled for a moment. And then it dawns on me. 
It was first day in the 1st standard today and  she had learnt about living and non-living things in the science class.


  1. Ahh. I hate it when they grow up!

  2. I know. The fun goes out. Schooling kills the imagination.

  3. My favourite is the Daisy One!

    1. And I spent *days* picking a unique Sanskrit-based name for her.. :/

  4. Whoaa!! The implications of growing up in no time!! The latest one was ma I don't want to grow old coz I hate carrying sticks in my hand

  5. The Cinderella was apt for you malavika 😃here toh it's instantaneous 'I'm tired' and then pretends to yawn

  6. Aha, I love when children grow up. They become far more communicable.

    1. I *do not* like this growing-up business.
      Kids > Grown-ups, any day!


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