Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday!

As the summer vacations progress, Vi is increasingly finding solace in watching TV when I am busy in the kitchen. Last evening was like any other evening. Thursday, 7th May 2015.  I was setting out the dinner table, and Vi was idly flipping channels. 

At precisely 8:31 pm, I heard it!... unmistakably *that* tune... 

It played for a fraction of a microsecond! But who needs anything more than a milli-micro-nano-second of sound to recognise it?

"Go back, go back, GO BACK!" I screamed!

The kid, clearly startled by this uncharacteristic loss of composure by her otherwise very unflappable mother, promptly jumped one level up from where she was seated and looked around for any signs of dangerous reptiles heading for her. 

"What happened, Mumma?!" she demanded, once she discovered there was nothing to be terrified of, other than her mother's madness.

I briskly strode across the room, and snatched the remote from her tiny hand and furiously began flipping back and forth.

"Mummaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I want to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!!" she wailed instantaneously.

"Listen, Sona! If you let me see this, I *promise, promise, promise* that I will record Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and you can watch it FIVE times tomorrow! What do you say?" 

The negotiation worked! The kid, part puzzled by my craziness and part convinced with the bribe, sat back  and observed me with suspicious silence, as I plonked myself in front on the TV, jaw resting on the floor, mouth twisted in a wonky grin, eyes glazed and glued to the screen.
(This is also how Vi discovered the etymology of the term 'The Idiot Box')


Aiii havvvvvv the Paawarrrrrr! 

Yes! Yessssssssss! It was HIM! The most *PAAWARFULL* man in the universe! BAM! (he punches the audience after saying that and the audience love him for it!)

(No. I am *not* obsessed with the objectification of the male physique, you perverts. But err... when he proudly declares "Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said "By the Power of Greyskull!"", it is a little hard for the now-grown-up mind to not... err.. visualise)

And there was Teela- my childhood heroine! I wanted to be her. A woman who laughed heartily with head thrown back and with both hands planted boldly on her hips. A female warrior who was considered dependable enough to be the personal guard of a Prince! 
(Later Priyanka Chopra would try something like that in that absolutely traumatising nightmare on screen called Drona, and forever kill my fantasy of being a female warrior. Although it was was somewhat redeemed by Asmira from the book, The Ring of Solomon, by Jonathan Stroud. Yet Asmira was guard to a queen, not a prince. I digress, as usual.)

And the Sorceress, who was forever declaring, He-Man is in trouble! I must help him!", and then invariably adding to his woes by being hopeless in battle and needing to get herself rescued almost every single time. 
And of course, Orko and Cringer.

And those goofy (Beastman), crazy (Merman), scary (Evil Lynn) *EVEEEL forces of Skeletor?"- Kheee-kheee-kheee-kheeee. His signature laugh! And the countless imitations of it that we did as kids.

I now realise how they stated the obvious,when Skeletor and his minions discussed their grand plans to trap He-Man/ Sorceress/obtain some obscure object of intrigue and power to take over Castle Grey Skull, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination of the audience. But back then, it seemed fascinatingly nail-biting to see how He-Man and team would tackle all these dangerous problems. 

I also realise now, how brilliant the background art was. Medieval, yet full of technology. The magical artifacts, as well as guns and gadgets. The near-perfect blend of science and sorcery.

When the commercial break interrupted my reverie, I thought I owed an explanation to my poor kid. I smiled at her, as normally as I could and told her this was one of Mumma's favourite TV programs when she was a kid.

"Then why don't you watch it on YouTube?" she responded, giving me her signature skeptical (almost sarcastic) look, with one eyebrow raised. 

Kids these days, I tell you! Bah!
 *We*... *We* were the *original kids*! We *knew* what it was to be kids. I am telling you, we had a better childhood than what our parents did, or what our own kids will ever have. Sigh! Those were the days! :)

Ti-ti-ti-ti-ti- Ti-tiri-ti-ti-ti- ti- tiri-ti-ti-ti- ting! It kept looping in my head all night, and I am still grinning and humming it this morning. It has also occurred to the very corrupted 'grown-up-mind' that the "Masters of the Universe" sounds a lot like the "B@$t@rd$ of the Universe". 

By the way, the good news for the now grown-up minded people, is that He-Man is one of those super heroes who has apparently, never really punched a person/monster/ sentient being nor gashed anyone with his famous sword. The sword, for all practical purposes is used for cutting through inanimate obstructions, or for deflecting stuff (including magic), or for basic harmless duelling. He-man would only 'Throw' and toss his opponents. Throwback Thursday! See...! Great title, no? No??? Arrey, yes or no???

And every episode ends with a 'moral of the story'. Which is so totally an 'our generation' thing that our kids need to be told over and over about, till they give up on us!

P.S.- I remember getting mini, pocket sized He-Man comics with some confectionery (Gems, if memory serves right). And small He-Man dolls ("Not dolls, action figures!", all the boys insisted) that were pivoted at the hip to deliver swinging punches.

P.P.S.- I *still* have a sticker of He-Man stuck to my old teak-wood study desk at my parents' place. Mental note to self, to click that and post it here as soon as possible. :)


  1. Ah. I have to watch it tonight!. Yep the He-Man miniature comics came with the box of Gems. Ahhh, good ol' days!

    1. The thrill of listening to theme is unmatched by anything else! Except perhaps the Spiderman-Spiderman song. :D

  2. Haha! I used to watch the malayalam version of Heman and boy it was so awesome that I used to run from the school bus in the evening so that I dont miss out on that ..


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