Monday, November 17, 2008

A hut spinning on chicken's leg...

Dasvidaniya! ( I don't know the word for Welcome- hehehehe- so I'm opening with Bye-Bye!) :D

I was around 10-ish when I started thinking about all things Russian...
Russian Lok-kathaa Maroon cloth bound version which "Chachi Prachi" owned.
Folktales of the peoples of Russia- a white cloth bound version with green cover print that i think Dada-mama gifted me. I learnt that "Peoples" as a plural word is grammatically accurate. Ivan Ivanesevic, Vasilisa the Beautiful, Baba Yaga the witch who flies in a pestle-mortar.

Misha that monthly kiddy magazine (More often than not, it was lost in the post; rarely got it every month) that Bhai-mama had subscribed for Prasad. I read them more than him. And oh, those glossy pages and exquisitely, rich and colourful illustrations! 
 I traced them all with my fingers and ran my hands all across the pages. I drowned on those images. The pleasure and the luxury! Prass also had a book about "When Daddy was a little boy..."

Russian circuses... Russian gymnasts... Russian Ballet telecast on good ol' DD.

How I wanted to learn ballet! I adored those stockinged and tutu-ed dainty, lithe dancers (didn't know then, that they were called Tutus). I threw a tantrum to buy my first pair of full-leg stockings. How envious I was when Maureen n Raynah got to do a pseudo-ballet for the Annual function in school... And how it was the first time I heard the word "Dasvidaniyaaaaa- Goodbyeeee"!

And I "experienced" that word again now... Dasvidaniya to the USSR as we know it?! :) I liked the movie.
Note to self: Dig up up all those books the next time I go to Suyog.

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