Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vi-nderland Tales -1

The tortoise smiled at Vividha. 'Yes, child, you can sit on my back'.
'Won't you find me heavy?' asked V.
'Not at all!' .

His back was as bare as a gravestone in the graveyard. V climbed onto his back successfully after a couple of slippery attempts. Feeling like the supreme princess of land and water, she adjusted her bubblegum pink head-band- it was her tiara at that moment. It had to be perfectly perched on her head.

'While you are up there you could scratch that itchy spot on my neck'. She stretched out her little finger and gently tickled his neck with her nail. "Ah-ha" said the tortoise, contentedly! :)

(Posted on Sherline's FB- as a response to: "make a short story using the following words - bubble gum , nail, grave yard, supreme, tortoise, ah ha!")

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