Sunday, July 1, 2012


... when I hear the raindrops on the window-pane at 4:30 am, while I tug at the रजई 
... when the rickshawala joins in heartily as I curse the battered BMC roads
... when Ganya gets a steaming hot चहा  the moment I reach my desk
... when buddies ping me on messenger, or comment on my FB posts
... when I re-read a favourite book, or watch a movie on TCM,
... when I browse old family photos and new pictures of exotic destinations
... when I walk past school, and upto Suyog
... when I see myself as I dream of myself
... when Sam spends all of Saturday with us...
... when a little arm possesively snuggles around my neck, and says "Mamma, you so happy?" :)

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