Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vi turns 6 months

Rolls, and tumbles, turns and twists,
Dimples, gurgles and curled up fists,

Knocking off glasses, plucking out hair,
Little acts of terror, done with flair

Kicking desperately, attempts to crawl
Screaming temper- a warning for all,

I am not your regular achha-bachcha girl,
I've got a fiery personality; soon to unfurl

I like to be cuddled, but won't lie in your lap
Carry me upright, and remove this silly cap

Bumpy car-rides are cherry on cake,
I'll follow the lights,
MY wobbly neck is "YOUR" headache!

Can I scratch off that moon?
Can I eat out of your spoon?
Exciting things to discover
Want to grow-up real soon!

My mom can't write poems
but I can see her try
I'll read when I am older,
As months and years fly by.

(Wrote the draft on 15th Feb '10; posted on FB notes)

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