Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A tiny sense of humour

7th July 2014

We are getting dressed for a 'social event'.
Vi and I are ready. Sam rushes home from work, and goes for a quick shower. 

Vi knocking the door: Daddu? Daaaadduuuuuu, what are you doing?
Sam: I am taking a shower
Vi (giving me *that* sly look): What? You are breaking the towel?!

And then the endless giggles! :D


Sometime in 2013

Me: Vividhaaaaa, pick up your toys!
Vi (rolling eyes, shrugging her tiny shoulders): Papoi? Ja, ja, ja Papoi, papoi! Phrrrtttt!


Sometime again in Summer 2013

I can't find my phone. Calling my number from the landline and frantically searching around the house for any faint ringing sound. I can't hear it.

Vi: What are you searching?
Me: My phone
Vi: Then who are you calling from the house phone?
Me: My number, so I can hear it and then look for it.
Vi (that *khufiya jasoosi* look and a grin): Call my number, and I'll find it for you. OK?
Me (in an equally secretive whisper): OKkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyy!

So I pretend to call her toy phone. She picks it.
Vi: Hello, Mumma? Yes, yes, I can help you. Please look inside my big bag of soft toys.

And sure enough, there it is, muffled by all the cuddliness around!



  1. Replies
    1. It was fun to watch her giggle endlessly after that "breaking towel" comment. She realised that she had cracked a joke.

  2. Replies
    1. Hehehe! How come I never thought of that one before! Maybe I should use it as a label for all Vi posts. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bhavani. :)
      My daughter is soon to be 5, and one born chatterbox. :)
      It is truly amazing to see kids grow and surprise us with their wit and observations. :D

  4. This is soo full of cuteness!!! :D

    1. :)
      Bratness, I should think! They cute upto the age of 2. After that they sprout tiny little horns and a pointy tail.


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